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Main Parts of the Violin
  • The front (also called the belly, top or soundboard) is usually made of well-seasoned spruce.
  • The back is usually made of well-seasoned maple.
  • The ribs, neck, fingerboard, pegbox, scroll, bridge, tailpiece and f-holes.
  • The front, back, and ribs are joined together to form a hollow sound box.
  • The sound box contains the sound post, a thin, dowel-like stick of wood wedged inside underneath the right side of the bridge which connects the front and back of the instrument.
  • The bass-bar is along strip of wood glued to the inside of the front under the left side of the bridge. The sound post and bass-bar are important for the transmission of sound, and they also give additional support to the construction.


Care for your Instrument

Auburn Strings suggests that:

  • when not in use always store your instrument in its case, with the lid securely closed
  • remove the shoulder rest before placing your instruments in its case
  • handle your instrument with care, a bump or a knock can easily damage the thin wood or cause the instrument to go out of adjustment
  • any excess rosin should be wiped off with a soft lint-free-cloth
  • do not expose your instrument to excessive hot or cold as extreme temperature changes may cause your instrument to crack
  • check your bridge and if it is not standing straight, bring it in to Auburn Strings for adjustment
  • do not allow other people to play your instrument
  • never attempt any repairs yourself, always seek the help of a professional
Care for your Bow

Auburn Strings suggests that:

  • when not in use, the bow hair should be loosened slightly, this will take tension off the stick
  • your bow is replaced in your case and the lid closed
  • any rosin dust on the stick is wiped off using a soft lint-free cloth
  • you never tap your bow on anything or swish your bow, a knock, no matter how slight, can cause serious damage
  • all working parts of the frog should turn firmly but easily and if there is any problem consult a professional
  • always have your bow professionally rehaired. Poor rehairs can cause permanent damage.
  • any missing or broken parts should be replaced or rehaired by a professional.


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